✅️ PBBM meets other ASEAN Leaders and easily becomes center of attraction

President Bong Bong Marcos Jr.  is setting the direction - first to raise ageing population, value chain of mineral production and spearheading the nano enterpreneurs.

(PBBM with the Asean Leaders pose for the traditional hand-shake photo)

(PBBM becomes the center of attraction)

(PBBM meets another strong leader Indonesian President Joko Widodo)

One of the ASEAN Summit objectives is to have stronger ties among neighbouring countries in South-East Asia.

We can recall President BongBong Marcos boldly mentioned on his answers to a few media interviews in the past, that all Asean Leaders already agreed that no country outside south-east asia, should decide on issues involving the region. 

Good Job PBBM on this 42nd ASEAN Summit! You really make Filipinos more proud.

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