PBBM unlocking the First ever Anti-Air Warfare Capabilities of Philippine Navy

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. witnesses the Philippine Navy (PN) unlocking its first-ever anti-air warfare capabilities with the test firing of the surface-to-air missile (SAM) fitted on guided missile frigate BRP Antonio Luna (FF151) during a live demonstration off the coast of San Antonio, Zambales on May 19, 2023.

Forming part of the major events in commemorating the PN’s 125th anniversary later this month, the Commander-in-Chief observes the capability demonstration aboard the viewing ship BRP Davao Del Sur (LD602).

In the course of the activity, the Mistral 3 SAM hits and destroys a drone as a mock target based on a scenario where the FF151 detects an unmanned aerial hostile.  The frigate’s countermeasure, the Bullfighter Chaff Decoy — a 130-millimeter super-rapid-booming offboard countermeasure (SRBOC) designed to defeat radio frequency and infrared-guided missiles — is also put on display during the sequence.

The Mistral 3 SAM has a 90-millimiter high-explosive warhead, a range of more than 3 nautical miles and speed of 2.7 Mach.  It is among the primary weapons of the Jose Rizal-Class (BRP Jose Rizal or the FF150) multi-mission capable frigates that bolster their defensive capabilities against aerial hostiles.

The AW159 anti-submarine warfare naval helicopter is also being showcased through the utilization of its Compact-FLASH dipping sonar and the BlueShark torpedo to detect, locate and neutralize stealthy submarine.

The PN considers the event a landmark activity as it represents a great stride in its resolve to better protect the Philippines and secure the Filipino people.

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