🔴 "You are a COJUANGCO and the President is a MARCOS" - Congressman Mark Cojuangco sets the record straight about their Lastname

Congressman Mark Cojuangco sets the record straight when asked about their Lastname.

Congressman Mark is one of the most vocal when it comes to advocating the utilization of Nuclear Energy in the Philippines.

The Congressman from Pangasinan is also the Chairman of the Special Committee on Nuclear Energy in the House of Representatives.

Having the lastname of "Cojuangco" while proposing for the opening of the decade-long controversial Philippine Nuclear Power Plant located in Bataan, many may ask "is he really supporting the materialization of one of the legacies of the late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr. ?"

It is understandable that many may have questioned the congressman's political inclination, as not all people know his family background, which he clearly settles in the video shown above.

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