🔴 FACE IT : Aquino-Marcos Rivalry has come to an end.

🔴 FACE IT ‼️ Whether you like it or not, we should all face it, Aquino-Marcos Rivalry has come to an end, which is a good thing, as this may be a start of a new chapter in Philippine Politics, and once and for all, would somehow pave the way for all Filipinos to move forward and be more united in facing other challenges the Philippine Archipelago may have to face in the future.

✅️ Even before the election in 2016, and 2022, if you can remember Bongbong Marcos and now #PBBM, told many interviews, when asked, that he understands where other Politicians are coming from when uttering negative remarks against the Marcoses. BBM understands that "Some Politicians had to do what they did, said they had to say, because it was their political survival mattered most during those times".

✅️ "MAGNANIMITY in VICTORY" a lot of people may have heard this phrase, but do not exactly know how this feels.

we all know who the victor is, in the rivalry mentioned above, thus, people who expect that the President would give negative statement on celebrating #NinoyAquinoDay probably are naive and haven't tasted how sweet, winning is. But hopefully one day, they snap out their toxic senses and understand what the true meaning of "#UNITY" is.

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